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Grant Vortex Pro 26 Combination Oil Boiler


The Grant Vortex Pro 26 combi boiler is an oil-fired, Energy Saving Trust® Recommended product.

With a larger plate heat exchanger that increases hot water performance, the Grant Vortex Pro 26 combi boiler provides you with a consistent flow of hot water at any time. It is also incredibly economical, with a high, 90.2% SEDBUK efficiency rating and low NOx emissions.

The mixing valves on the Grant Vortex Pro 26 combi boiler are pre-set at 50°C and accurately control the hot water draw off temperature from the boiler. If you ever run into the problem of system water loss, the Vortex Pro 26 protects itself with a low system pressure cut off switch. The Grant Vortex is also great at multitasking – it can keep the instant production of hot water and operate in condensing mode on central heating simultaneously, through the Vortex’s electronic temperature controls.

At an average temperature of 50°C, the Grant Vortex Pro 26 combi boiler has a hot water flow rate of 17 L per minute with a recovery time of 4 minutes (based on 100 L draw off). You will be pleased to find that there are only slight temperature changes when the boiler was run at maximum heat and flow, and there is little heat lost from the casing.

The Grant Vortex Pro 26 combi boiler features internal frost protection for those cold winter months and a factory-fitted internal condensate trap, which you can have fitted externally. It is simple to install and service with no complicated wiring or plumbing, and the water, oil and electrical connections were easy to hook up. The only niggle is that the boiler’s controls (hot-water store switch, heating switch, pressure gauge, boiler thermostat) are inside the casing.

The Grant Vortex Pro 26 combi boiler is suitable for kitchen or utility room installations and comes with a 5-year guarantee on the heat exchanger. It is available in 21kW, 26 kW and 36 kW output models.


  • 90% SEDBUK efficiency rating
  • Low NOx emissions
  • Excellent performance


  • Controls are inside the casing
  • Very pricey


90.2% SEDBUK energy efficiency rating
Energy Saving Trust® recommended product
Hot water flow rate: 17 L per minute
Recovery time: 4 minutes
Maximum output: 26 kW
CH Output min/max: 25.0-26.4 kW
Available in 3 outputs: 21 kW, 26 kW, 36 kW
Dimensions: H86.0 cm x W59.0 cm x D60.5 cm
Colour: White

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