Planitherm Glass


The specially coated triple or double-glazed windows from Planitherm could save your home 28% on energy bills and cut your home’s carbon emissions significantly.

Planitherm’s glass works by reflecting warmth radiated by your home’s heating systems thereby reducing the amount of heat lost through your windows. On average these windows save a family home around £300 per year, and also save on your home’s energy consumption as a result.

Therefore you and your family will have extra cash to spend on something more interesting than bills, or even just save for a rainy day in the current economic climate. In addition you’ll be well on your way to making your home a greener place to live.

The most energy efficient glass on the market is available in a variety of styles, thicknesses and sizes too, so you can make these Planitherm products cater to your home’s individual needs.

The only thing is that you’ll have to part with a substantial amount of money initially to start reaping the rewards Planitherm glass could provide you with. To get the process started however, simply find one of Planitherm’s installer companies via their website and a representative will give you a quote.

To get this system installed by an accredited professional contact our affiliate Be Energy Smart.


  • Save energy
  • Save on bills
  • Variety of styles and dimensions available


  • Initial price quite high
Double or triple glazing available
Dimensions subject to change
Thickness subject to change

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